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The Diabetes & Statin meds Scam.: The CURE they Won’t Give You.


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This book has been carefully researched for years. Top Doctors and Scientists have contributed to this work and you get the benefit of their expertise as you SEE and HEAR them verify and validate EVERYTHING this report covers! This book is one of the first books that is designed to connect you directly to people that can give you knowledge, that can save your life. Unique, as you get to interact with this book and look up and research as deeply as YOU desire. For, in this book is the CURE for Diabetes, High Cholesterol and a host of conditions CREATED by the corrupt Pharmaceutical and Medical Industry. They will not let mainstream media report these findings. Only social media can still bring us the truth. They do not allow any findings but, their own, to be used. I challenge anyone to prove me wrong. Real people are being cured of disease and cancer by doctors that use natural cures. These are highly criticized by mainstream anything, which is no wonder, considering how much they have to lose. This book connects sick people to healers. And, people that were told that they have type 2 diabetes or high cholesterol, to solutions. You can scoff if you want, but I will prove it. The scam is so sophisticated that most doctors don’t even realize that they were scammed in med school and taught false information or no information on certain subjects. Some doctors are aware and will try to discredit me. I welcome them, because when word gets out, sh^ts gonna really hit the fan! This book was fueled with a strong desire to educate and help people seeking answers to diseases and sickness. And to expose the medical industry for what it is doing to you. And show you natural cures that have PROVEN effective over prescribed chemical medications. This book details the way our insides work, and how we get diseases. This book is really good for what ails you. This book exposes you to a wealth of information that is not commonly known. You will get in knowledge, worth a thousand times more than the mere cost of this book. You can help and advise friends and family of life saving choices they have available to them. This book will truly educate you. I challenge ANYONE to discredit this book. To use this book to its full capacity, you must have access to the internet and web access. This book gives hope and solutions to people that have been told that there is no cure! Rubbish!! There are cures and this book connects you to them. It even proves the A.M.A. is trying to poison us with Statin drugs. Their findings aren’t based upon scientific study. Only a number chosen at random, which they keep lowering to create a million more patients overnight. I, with the help of doctors and scientists expose this scam. I dare them to prove me wrong. Their statistics are flawed and inaccurate and only reflects their data and NOT any independent studies. They will not give you the cure. But, I will.


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