Healthy Diabetic Diet

Healthy Diabetic Diet

4 Key Facts About Diabetes

“Scientist and researchers at the San Diego School of Medicine at the University of California identified that the inflammatory LTB4 molecule build up the insulin resistance which has been found to be the initial step in creating type 2 diabetes. These researchers proved that a tiny molecule LTB4 causes Type 2 diabetes.”

“Diabetes diets have recently been proven to actually raise blood sugar and harm your pancreas. You simply need to eat less of certain harmful foods while substituting diabetes busting super foods. Scientists discovered that many of the foods we eat every single day cause serious chronic inflammation.”

“Based on the facts, India is currently classified as the “Diabetes Capital” of the world is India. The estimates are that there are currently 40 million people with diabetes in residing in India. If this trend continues, by the year 2025, its anticipated that this number will increase to roughly 70 million individuals with Diabetes.”

“The number one cause of kidney failure worldwide is diabetes. Each year diabetes is responsible for a million amputations and the contributing cause to blindness in 5 million adults. It can also cause strokes, cataracts and heart disease. Also, 90% of the people on this planet that has diabetes have Type II Diabetes.”

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